Exterro’s Podcast Series brings you recorded interviews with some of the foremost thought leaders in the legal industry. Listen to the experts as they share their experiences and provide valuable insights into the many issues faced on the e-discovery “frontlines.”

EDRM Kicks off its Sixth Year

E-Discovery luminary George Socha discusses the recent EDRM kickoff meeting, some of the exciting new projects the group is working on and the difference between early data assessment (EDA) and early case assessment (ECA).

Preparing for ‘Big Data’ Cases

Attorney and e-discovery expert Dave Walton talks targeted collections, e-discovery cost shifting and the emergence of computer-assisted review.

E-Discovery is Changing Relationships

Attorneys Bill Belt and Darryl Shetterly share their perspectives on how e-discovery is changing the relationship between law firms and their corporate clients.

E-Discovery Experts: Ralph Losey

E-discovery attorney Ralph Losey discusses a wide range of e-discovery topics, including proportionality and computer assisted review.