Masters Series Webcast: Optimizing E-Discovery in a Multi-Vendor Environment

Despite the emergence of more comprehensive, all-in-one e-discovery systems, most organizations still rely on an assembly of disparate technologies to support e-discovery efforts. Just like a car is dependent on an intricate set of moving parts working in unison, a successful e-discovery process is equally reliant on technology integration and alignment: HR systems should update legal hold custodian lists, while matter management solutions should sync matter information with other e-discovery applications, and data collection tools should accurately collect from archiving databases. The list of potential integrations goes on and on.

In the third webcast of our e-discovery masters series, masters of systems integration will share their perspective on the components needed to create an integrated e-discovery environment, including:

  • The risks of not integrating systems and commonly collected data sources
  • Essential e-discovery integrations for defensible and efficient e-discovery
  • How to leverage pre-existing technology investments to increase visibility and quickly access e-discovery information
e-discovery webcast

Josh Alpern
VP ILM Domain Experts;

e-discovery webcast

Jim Mittenthal
Vice President, Consulting;
Epiq Systems

Photo: Datacert TyMetrix
Debra Marino
VP, Marketing,
Datacert | TyMetrix

e-discovery webcast

Jim FitzGerald
Director of Strategic Alliances;

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