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Fusion Zeta™ Analysis and In-House Review

Drill into data more intelligently to find and label important documents.

Search and text analytics has long been the exclusive domain of experts and difficult for even skilled IT professionals to master. Communicating methods and results back to legal teams has been yet another barrier. Fusion Zeta™ features powerful and intuitive search and text analytics technologies.

  • Keyword Search: locates information through the use of words or text strings present in records. In addition to simple keyword search, Fusion Zeta™ supports extensions, such as:
    • Boolean search operators (AND, OR, NOT, etc.). Searches include certain documents from a collection and explicitly exclude others.  A structured query builder makes it easy to consolidate powerful searches to identify the exact subset of documents needed for processing.
    • Proximity searching finds documents with keywords in close proximity to one another, such as a sentence or paragraph.  This makes it easier to locate responsive phrases and avoid numerous false positives in search results.
    • Fuzzy and Phonetic Search + Stemming and Synonym Support: finds matches even when users misspell words or find names or words that sound alike. Stemming support expands the result set for a keyword like “ran” to include “run” or “running”.    Synonym support will surface documents containing words  like “bond” and “debt instrument” when searching for debenture, for example.
  • Faceted Search: Condenses the data in a collection to a manageable set of choices using natural hierarchies, such as document type, date ranges, and custodian organization. Selections from a navigation menu narrow the total number of results.    Fusion Zeta’s navigation facets are derived dynamically by clustering items or search results into categories. Each facet displays the number of hits that match that category. Users can then “drill down” by applying specific constraints to the search results. Depending on RBAC permissions, searches can be conducted across all information held in the ESI Vault or restricted to a given matter, collection plan, or custodian.  A faceted classification system allows the assignment of multiple classifications to an object, and enables them to be ordered in multiple ways. Unlike other tools, restrictive, pre-defined taxonomies are not required.
  • E-mail and Social Network Analysis: Conducting discovery of e-mails and chat often involves understanding who is connected to whom and the strength and frequency of those connections.  Exterro Fusion Zeta™ uses powerful visualization techniques – social network graphs and pair-wise heat maps to guide searchers to correspondence and influence networks that are often at the heart of cases.
  • Labeling for In-house Review: Reviewers can apply user-defined labels (such as “potentially privileged” or “non-responsive”) to documents for classification purposes, reducing time and effort needed for final review by outside counsel.