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Fusion Legal Hold: Exterro Fusion Legal Hold Software

“After years of using a legacy legal hold system, my company became cutting edge by implementing Exterro’s Fusion Legal Hold. It provides the stream-lined functionality, custodian tracking and quick reporting to create a defensible legal hold process.”
- Chris Garber
E-Discovery Manager
Allergan, Inc.

Reduce risk with the most trusted legal hold system.

Empower your legal department with the automation, visibility and control needed for defensibly managing the legal hold process. The flagship of the Exterro Fusion® e-discovery software suite, Fusion Legal Hold™ delivers the widest range of scalability and configurations to meet the preservation needs of virtually any enterprise.
With Fusion Legal Hold™, corporate legal teams gain:

  • Comprehensive Management Controls: Auditable legal hold management system that supports precise timing and consolidation of legal hold notice distributions and provides complete visibility into all custodian actions, compliance levels and tasks.
  • Data Privacy/EU Compliance: Multi-national support with optional data privacy controls.
  • Automated Employment Status Change Notices: Fusion Employee Monitor™ mitigates the risk of corporate memory loss and data spoliation associated with associated with employee departures or movements within an organization.
  • Fusion In-Place Preservation™ incorporates suspension of document retention policies for structured and unstructured data directly into the legal hold process.


Exterro Fusion® E-Discovery Software Suite: