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Fusion Genome: E-Discovery Data Mapping with Fusion Genome

“We were immediately impressed with the intuitiveness, scalability and flexibility of Fusion Platform®.”
- Paul Salazar
Head of Litigation Information Mgmt.,
Corporate Legal, Litigation
Siemens AG

Identify ESI faster with advanced data mapping.

Empower your legal and IT teams with evergreen data maps that mirror your enterprise’s data assets as they evolve. The rich visualization and cross-functional collaboration framework in Exterro’s Fusion Genome® Data Mapping application provides a structured inventory of the enterprise’s ESI, delivering real-time insights into critical information required for responding to legal and compliance obligations.
Fusion Genome® Data Mapping delivers:

  • Rapid Access to Enterprise Data: Easy-to-comprehend views of the IT systems and data sources to quickly identify potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) based on record types, storage locations, specific lines of business and other configurable attributes.
  • Evergreen Data Maps: Repeatable templates and customizable custodian interviews to automate the creation and updating of the data maps to ensure access to the most up-to-date information.
  • Integrated Preservation and Collection Processes: Logged usage and relationship history between data sources and custodians for rapid, defensible deployment of legal holds and targeted data collections.
Exterro Fusion® E-Discovery Software Suite: