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Fusion Integration Hub™

Easily integrate any IT, HR, legal and e-discovery software

Visibility and control

Fusion Integration Hub™ is the heart of the Exterro Fusion® software suite, seamlessly integrating IT systems, content management applications and EDRM tools for unified e-discovery management. Fusion Integration Hub™ serves as the central E-Discovery Integration Software Hubcommand center for e-discovery information and process control, capturing and translating relevant data with documented results.

Facilitating faster, smarter execution of critical cross-functional tasks, Fusion Integration Hub™ empowers the e-discovery process with an extensible, flexible framework and robust software adapters that enable organizations to leverage existing IT investments, gain visibility into other EDRM tools and collect ESI from diverse data sources.

The robust set of connectors delivered with the Fusion Integration Hub™ include:

Infrastructure Connectors

Integrations through web services, CSV files and other data transfer mechanisms ensure Exterro Fusion® users are always alerted when key changes occur in other systems. Exterro Fusion® seamlessly integrates with HR, asset management, matter management, single sign-on, Lightweight Discovery Access Protocol (LDAP) and other critical IT systems.

EDRM Connectors

Fusion’s EDRM connectors capture and translate data, dispatch work to other applications, correlate activities and summarize results so e-discovery teams can efficiently complete projects and avoid ambiguity. Full-featured, bi-directional adapters, architected with partners, ensure closed-loop integrations. Exterro Fusion® fully integrates with EDRM tools, such as Recommind® Axcelerate® ECA & Collection, Symantec™ Clearwell E-Discovery Platform, Symantec™ Discovery Accelerator, StoredIQ Information Intelligence Platform, Catalyst CR, kCura® Relativity® and Datacert® Passport®.

Data Source Connectors

Fusion Integration Hub™ connects users to the most common sources of ESI. In addition to centralizing access to critical organizational data, Exterro’s ESI connectors facilitate inspecting and searching files and metadata to help evaluate collection efforts and locate responsive information. These data source connectors play a critical role in later stages of the discovery process.