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“Exterro conveyed to us that they understand the legal complexities faced by multinational corporations.”
- Fortune 500
Healthcare Client

Move beyond email and spreadsheets to gather employee information.

Stop wasting valuable time and resources obtaining employee information.  Fusion Comprehensive Interview™ enables legal, IT and records management teams to quickly unearth employee information with automated questionnaires and workflows.
Whether it’s for legal discovery, internal auditing or IT asset management, Fusion Comprehensive Interview™ surpasses email, spreadsheets and generic online survey tools by delivering:

  • Faster intelligenceby polling the right people with built-in tracking and templates.
  • Improved response rates through automated reminders and escalations.
  • Streamlined communicationswith a single touch point between interviewers and employees.
  • Seamless Integration with your e-discovery and HR systems for greater consistency and defensibility