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Fusion Compliance Portal™

Visibility into governance, risk and compliance obligations delivers accountability and defensibility
Simplify communications among your custodians, data stewards and legal teams with a single interface.

In some organizations, the same individuals are subject to numerous litigation hold notifications, electronic discovery projects and tasks, or work orders from the legal and IT discovery teams. Juggling incoming, continuing and overdue notices inside a personal email box or folder adds unnecessary complexity to the process of managing legal obligations. Exterro Fusion Compliance Portal makes it easy to manage all the activity for custodians, data stewards and IT personnel, and discovery team members.

Compliance Management Software

The Exterro Fusion Compliance Portal helps employees comply with litigation obligations. By simplifying your legal hold, discovery request, or data mapping request acknowledgment processes, the Fusion Compliance Portal™ makes it easier for you to manage litigation projects.

The Fusion Compliance Portal™ consolidates information employees need to comply with legal obligations into a single, user-friendly location. Through integrations with other Exterro Fusion® applications and the Exterro Fusion® platform, you can track compliance progress and move litigation projects forward. Validated through Exterro’s single sign-on integration and backed by the Fusion security guarantee, the Compliance Portal offers convenient compliance.

As you add other Exterro Fusion® applications, the Fusion Compliance Portal™ grows with you and adds value across the Exterro Fusion® software suite. It streamlines legal hold and data mapping request acknowledgments and delivers visibility into and control over compliance processes throughout legal governance, risk and compliance management projects.

Features and Benefits

Communication and Collaboration:

Save time, reduce effort and cost and ensure compliance

  • Acknowledgments: Monitor compliance in real time and facilitate end-to-end process management for data mapping and e-discovery. Employees can acknowledge their governance, risk and compliance obligations to the process owners. Employees can acknowledge interview, legal hold or data map requests as well as add or edit data sources in their replies.
  • Ask Questions: Provide custodians and data stewards with the ability to ask questions and receive answers about their compliance obligations via a single, collaborative software interface. Delivers complete visibility into their compliance obligations and results in a defensible and auditable process.

Visibility and Control

Actionable insights drive defensibility and deliver control

  • Legal Hold Indicator: View the number of active and inactive legal holds for each data source and custodian via easy-to-understand graphics display. Drill down to view additional details about the active legal holds and hold histories. Visibility into active legal holds prevents accidental spoliation and keeps teams apprised of their retention obligations.
  • Team Member Compliance Tracking: Monitor employees’ compliance with data map, interview and legal hold requests, monitors compliance and targets escalations.

Messaging Automation

Ensure compliance, reduce spoliation risk

  • Messaging and Notifications: Facilitate compliance and mitigate spoliation risk by making it easy for custodians and data stewards to read and understand instructions for legal holds or data map requests.
  • Self-Collection and Self-Certification: Reduce cost by eliminating much of the need for on-site interviews and facilitates compliance with European Union privacy rules. Custodians and data stewards can log into the Compliance Portal and self-certify the data sources and types for which they are responsible, and upload relevant documents for legal hold or data mapping requests when appropriate.
  • Interview Module: Custodians and data stewards can answer legal or IT team interview questions and fill out questionnaires via the Compliance Portal across all Exterro Fusion® software modules.

Fusion Integration Hub

The power of Fusion’s integration platform delivers extensibility and process management

  • Single Sign-On: Enforce security and grant appropriate access to information through Fusion’s single sign-on capabilities, validating users and delivering convenient compliance and security.