As a global Organization we were immediately impressed with the intuitiveness, scalability and flexibility of Exterro Fusion®.
-Paul Salazar
Head of Litigation Information Mgmt.,
Corporate Legal, Litigation
Siemens AG

Advance your e-discovery processes with the industry’s leading, workflow-driven software.

Exterro Fusion® is the industry’s leading, workflow-driven software suite proven to reduce costs and risks across all e-discovery phases. With Exterro Fusion®, legal and IT teams can establish consistent, repeatable business processes and gain the complete visibility needed for faster, more efficient execution of critical e-discovery tasks.

Why Exterro Fusion®

Complete Software Suite for End-to-End E-Discovery Management

The Exterro Fusion® e-discovery suite, deployed in your choice of environments – on premise or in the Cloud, delivers complete e-discovery management capabilities from identification through production with the following applications:

  • Fusion Genome® Data Mapping (Identification): Exterro’s innovative data mapping application enables e-discovery teams to create and maintain a structured inventory of the enterprise’s ESI, so that potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) can be quickly identified when e-discovery obligations arise.
  • Fusion Legal Hold™ (Preservation): The industry’s most advanced, scalable legal hold management software system delivers the automation, visibility, configurations and controls needed for defensibly managing the legal hold process and meeting the preservation needs of virtually any enterprise.
  • Fusion Zeta™ (Data Management): Exterro’s advanced e-discovery data management application helps legal and IT teams effectively reduce e-discovery costs by rapidly unearthing case facts early in the process. Legal teams gain the proactive intelligence and controls needed for effective e-discovery data management with advanced search, culling, in-place ECA, predictive intelligence, collection, processing review and production capabilities.
  • Fusion Project Management™: Exterro’s workflow-based, e-discovery project management application provides 360-degree visibility into all e-discovery activities with documented audit trails and advanced reporting capabilities. With this advanced automation, legal teams can efficiently and defensibly manage e-discovery task details, timelines, deliverables and budgets from one centralized, intuitive web-based application.

Build a Powerful Framework with the Exterro Fusion® Platform

Exterro Fusion® is built on a powerful technology framework that supports all of the suite’s applications. By unifying all e-discovery activities on the Exterro Fusion® platform, legal teams can transform e-discovery projects into a cohesive set of highly interdependent, dynamic processes, each benefiting from shared matter information and multi-tiered project visibility. The system’s advanced architecture, powered by the Fusion Integration Hub™, seamlessly integrates and enterprise’s existing technology investments and EDRM point tools for greater access to critical ESI and faster, more efficient execution of critical litigation tasks.