Genome E-Discovery Data Mapping

The only application designed to create a data map of all of your organization’s ESI

Genome e-discovery data mapping enables your legal team to build and maintain an up-to-date directory of electronic files that mirrors your organization’s evolving data source inventory, including things like email systems and file servers. You can rapidly identify the most important electronically stored information (ESI) repositories and eliminate irrelevant ones for precise legal hold scoping and creation. Finally, the solution allows you meet the most rigorous judicial and compliance requirements with the up-to-date information about your organization’s data.

Key Capabilities


Cost Reduction


Enables effective collaboration between legal and IT for a timely, agile response when your organization is served with a demand for document production.

By driving efficiencies in the early identification phase and eliminating data sources with little value, Genome serves as a critical component in reducing review costs and workload.

Genome promotes a defensible e-discovery process by dramatically improving accuracy of information assets and reducing the risk of missing crucial ESI.


Selected Features


Genome e-discovery data mapping provides a dynamic, centralized dashboard that consolidates and summarizes all changes, trends, and relationships among data repositories. The tool’s rich visualization and cross-functional collaboration capabilities provide a structured inventory useful for legal, information governance, compliance and security personnel. Litigation support professional can, for example, quickly identify all of the data sources that contain intellectual property that is potentially relevant for a legal matter.

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e-discovery data mapping

Continuous Updates

The downfall of most e-discovery data mapping projects is that the data quickly loses veracity, and users no longer can rely on it. Genome avoids this problem by constantly refreshing the information it gathers from asset management, HR, and legal hold systems. Attributes for each information system can be customized to include asset type, record types, line-of-business supported, retention policy, applicable legal holds, and more .

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e-discovery data mapping


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