Predictive Intelligence – Exterro's Predictive Coding Software

E-Discovery Data Management Add-on Module

Predictive Intelligence, Exterro’s predictive coding software, delivers advanced machine intelligence to automate the identification and categorization of electronically stored information (ESI) before and after collection.

Key Features
Pi Statistical Sampling

Statistical and Judgment Sampling

Determining the number of potentially relevant documents and training an effective predictive model requires the application of both statistical and judgment sampling. Legal teams can specify all variables of the statistical sample as well as choose their own sample documents.

Pi Spot Prediction

Spot Prediction Analysis

A built-in spot prediction feature enables legal teams to apply predictive models to individual documents and e-mails in order to gain insights beyond what human review can uncover.

Pi Defensibly Report

Defensibility Report

A judge-friendly defensibility report allows counsel to Illustrate every step of the process, including who was responsible and how tasks were performed. All aspects of the predictive intelligence process are displayed, including the rationale for labeling.

Predictive  Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence

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Product Brief

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Product Brief
Exterro Predictive Intelligence Product Brief

To learn more about the capabilities of Exterro Predictive Intelligence and how it can help you in e-discovery process, download the product brief.

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