E-Discovery Masters Series

Learn from the E-Discovery Masters
and Become Your Own Master of E-Discovery

Exterro's E-Discovery Masters Series is an educational series focused around in-house e-discovery processes and practices. Offering five complimentary "courses" on a variety of different topics, the Masters Series offers the latest and greatest in e-discovery education. All educational materials are available for download below.

Course #1: masteringCOSTS:

Understanding costs is essential to becoming a master of e-discovery as it provides the context to keep your e-discovery process 'reasonable' within the eyes of the court. Download the resources below to learn the keys to mastering costs:

Webcast: Survey Says...Insight into the Latest Litigation & E-Discovery Cost Trends

Infographic: Litigation Cost Trends in 2014

Quick Guide: Mastering E-Discovery Costs

Course #2: masteringPROCESS:

Creating defined, repeatable e-discovery processes takes hard work and commitment from everyone involved. It starts with getting buy-in from the top down, automating repeated tasks and tracking key metrics. View the resources and learn how to master e-discovery process:

Webcast: Transforming the E-Discovery Process

Infographic: E-Discovery as a Business Process

White Paper: Why E-Discovery Should be Managed as a Business Process

Course #3: masteringINTEGRATIONS:

Integrations are one of the most important elements in e-discovery. Simply put, they just make life easier. Less exporting, less importing and much greater efficiency. Access the resources and become a master of e-discovery integrations:

Webcast: Optimizing E-Discovery in a Multi-Vendor Environment

Infographic: Creating an Integrated E-Discovery Environment

Quick Guide: Mastering E-Discovery Integrations

Course #4: masteringDEFENSIBILITY:

With the FRCP amendments pending and likely to pass soon, its best to assess your processes and see if your organization meets the new standards. Download the resources below and see if you're ready for the amended FRCP:

Webcast: Is Your Legal Hold Process "Reasonable" Under the Proposed FRCP Amendments?

Infographic: E-Discovery Under the (soon to be) Updated FRCP

White Paper: Significant E-Discovery Cases - Lessons Learned

Course #5: masteringSTRATEGY:

The key to success in e-discovery strategy is to know your e-discovery environment (personnel, commonly collected data sources, corporate objectives, budget, etc.). View these materials and learn how to come up with new strategies for decreasing e-discovery costs while maintaining defensibility:

Webcast: Making a Molehill out of a Mountain

White Paper: Eliminating E-Discovery Over-Collection

Infographic: E-Discovery Data Collection Considerations