30 Oct 2014

Capturing the Buzz and Insights at the ACC 2014 Annual Meeting

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Following is a guest post from Debbie Caldwell, Exterro’s communications director, who is attending the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) 2014 Annual Meeting this week in New Orleans

ACC 2014Exterro has ventured to the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) 2014 Annual Meeting for the first time as a sponsor. Taking place at the New Orleans Convention center this week, the buzz on the show floor, at sessions and in our booth has been terrific. We have holiday lights, a lit snowman, candy canes, gold-wrapped coins and, since we are in New Orleans, liquor-filled chocolates to share, as well as a daily drawing for some of Oregon’s finest Pinot Noir. Come say hello and enter a chance to win at Booth #1012.

Why the holiday theme? We are promoting our upcoming “12 Days of E-Discovery Best Practices” video campaign that will run in December. Each day will feature best practices advice from e-discovery experts at our Fortune 500 clients and partners. To get in on the action, you can sign up for to receive the videos here. Read more

29 Oct 2014

Defensible Disposition and the Convergence of IG, Compliance and E-Discovery

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Following is a guest post by Jim FitzGerald, Exterro’s sr. product marketing manager, who attended ARMA International’s conference this week in San Diego. You can also read previous ARMA-related posts on applying analytics to information governance and the challenge of employee status changes.

This year’s ARMA event had much richer content in the area of information governance, compliance, and e-discovery. The intersection of these topics is getting much more play this year and last, and it’s heartening to see so many organizations stepping back and taking a broader perspective. I’m hopeful their widened aperture will help clients see the convergence of these topics as a unique opportunity to rethink siloed approaches.

One frequent example at ARMA of such a converged topic was defensible disposition. There were a number of companies exhibiting tools that perform file analysis or data profiling of repositories like file shares and SharePoint sites. These tools help you see the age, file type composition, ownership, and duplicates in the environment. From there, you can set up tasks to purge redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) content. Read more

28 Oct 2014

The Challenge of Employee Changes – Highlights from ARMA Conference

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Following is a guest post by Scott M. Giordano, Exterro’s corporate technology counsel, who attended ARMA International’s conference this week in San Diego.

I attended my first ARMA International conference this week, held (very conveniently) at the San Diego Convention Center. Although I’ve work on information governance problems (IG) in the past (mostly with respect to privacy), this was my first ARMA and a great opportunity to meet my peers in the industry.

It was with great pleasure that I moderated an early morning panel entitled When Employees Leave: E-Discovery and RIM in Dynamic Environments. My panelists, Antonio Rega of FTI Technology and David Yerich of United HealthGroup, did a bang-up job of presenting their material and answering some tough audience questions. I’m already looking forward to moderating again next year (I also hosted an Exterro webcast on this topic earlier this year, which you can view here). Read more

28 Oct 2014

Applying Analytics to Information Governance

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Following is a guest post by Jim FitzGerald, Exterro’s Sr. Product Marketing Manager. Jim attended the ARMA Conference this week. This is the first in a series of posts we’ll be running on highlights from the show.  

At this week’s ARMA conference I heard a lot of emphasis on applying analytics to the challenges of information governance (IG). Many archive and ECM vendors spoke about their efforts to make the data within their repositories smarter – easier to find, correlate, and manage.   This is definitely a step in the right direction and key to shining a light on the enormous pile of “Dark Data” that lurks in most organizations. Read more

27 Oct 2014

Connecting Information Governance and E-Discovery Principles

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By: Andrew Bartholomew

To support e-discovery demands, it’s imperative that legal teams have reliable and timely access to potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI). Identifying which IT assets are most relevant to a case is the first challenge.Systematically suspending disposition policies, preserving and searching the ESI and eventually returning the data to its regular retention schedule is a much more formidable undertaking.

Enter information governance (IG).

Gartner defines IG as the “specification of decision rights and an accountability framework to ensure appropriate behavior in the valuation, creation, storage, use, archiving and deletion of information.” With a strong IG program, e-discovery appears to become just another IG function. However, the connection goes much deeper. For many organizations, e-discovery is the flashpoint for change and the impetus behind meaningful IG initiatives. These organizations are taking the lessons they’ve learned from e-discovery and the observed dangers that are associated with a lack of governance and attempting to apply those lessons to comprehensive set of IG policies and processes. Read more