Exterro Comics & Memes

The team at Exterro creates memes and cartoons about the daily struggles of e-discovery professionals. We encourage you to share these with your colleagues, family, and friends!



Clark Gable Preservation
Early Bird ESI
Maury Lie Detector
The Joker vs Paralegals
E-Discovery Gone to the Dogs
Ryan Gosling's ESI
Overbearing Legal Hold
You Can't Handle the ESI
Donut Culling
Spongebob E-Discovery
E-Discovery Day is Over
Look at all this E-Discovery Day
E-Discovery Day is Just Around the Corner
I Don't Always Go to E-Discovery Day
Batman and Robin E-Discovery Day
E-Discovery Day 1889 Man
E-DIscovery Day Disaster Girl
E-Discovery Day is Coming
I'll See You at E-Discovery Day
Excited for E-Discovery Day
Han Solo Preservation
Jack I Automated
Alright, Alright, Alright
Show Me the ESI
E-Discovery Goodfellas
Keep Calm and Place a Legal Hold
ET Place Hold
Usain Bolt Optimize Process
E-Discovery Game Face
Larry David E-Discovery
E-Discovery Box of Chocolates
Conspiracy Ted
Pokemon Meme
Office Space Legal Hold
Airplane Just Kidding
Spreadsheet Disaster Girl
Evil Stored Information
The Hills Are Alive With Big Data
When E-Discovery Collections Get Out of Hand
Success Kid Confirm Rate
Batman and Robin Legal Hold
Eli Manning 1
Eli Manning 2
Grumpy Cat Doc Review
Holdy Hold Holds
Business Cat Smoking Gun
Legal Hold Koala
Sweating Math and Science
One does not simply follow the edrm
E-Discovery Started at the Bottom
E-Discovery Grandma