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Integrating Structured Data Into the E-Discovery Process

Created on May 19, 2017

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As data volumes increase and become more complex, having an integrated e-discovery environment where systems and data sources are automatically syncing information and exchanging data with e-discovery applications has become critical for organizations. This is true of unstructured and semi-structured data sources, such as email servers and content management systems, as well as structured data sources, like databases and data archives.  A lot of e-discovery practitioners are comfortable with unstructured data sources like email, file shares, or documents in SharePoint, but often... Read More

Key Considerations for Defensible Legal Hold Release

Created on May 11, 2017

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Because so many cases result in sanctions due to parties failing to issue timely legal holds or monitor compliance, the legal hold release process often tends to be forgotten. Indeed, most organizations aren't nearly as scrupulous about releasing legal holds as they are about initiating them, because there is far less legal risk associated with the hold release. Still, the release of the hold is an essential element of a strong legal (and defensible data deletion) process. In the The Sedona Conference's Commentary on Legal Holds it states: “Any legal hold policy, procedure or... Read More

E-Discovery in a Galaxy Far Far Away: Information Governance in Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels

Created on May 5, 2017

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Who knew that behind the scenes of the battle against the Galactic Empire and the Dark Side of the Force, one of the biggest weapons in the arsenal of the Rebel Alliance was e-discovery. In the more recent additions to the Star Wars universe – the animated series Rebels, and the anthology film Rogue One – the driving force behind the actions of the characters is often locating, acquiring, and transmitting electronically stored information (ESI). In one recent episode of Rebels, two droids and a young pilot are sent on a mission to an Imperial facility to steal access codes for a... Read More

E-Discovery Literacy is a Never-Ending Quest

Created on April 28, 2017

Chief Marketing Officer

The other day I read a blog written by Tom O’Connor of Advanced Discovery that touched on an interesting topic – that “most attorneys […] do not understand the “ABCs” of technology.  That is…they understand the underlying legal issues abut preservation and production, but not the basic technology issues of how computers actually stored information, what various production tools actually did or how cloud based applications actually worked.” Here at Exterro we take a lot of pride in the amount of high quality educational material we create centered on topics relevant to... Read More

Join Actiance and Exterro for Executive Roundtables in Detroit and Chicago on "Evolving E-Discovery Requirements: Act fast or get left behind"

Created on April 5, 2017

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Evolving E-Discovery Requirements: Act fast or get left behind Join Actiance and Exterro for Executive Roundtables: Detroit: April 12th - 11:30am-1:30pm, Wolfgang Puck Steak, MGM Grand Chicago: April 19th - 11:30am-1:30pm, RPM Italian Speakers: Robert Cruz, Director of Information Governance for Actiance. George Socha, Managing Director in BDO Consulting’s Forensic Technology Services practice. Nishad Shevde, Director of Strategic Operations at Exterro. Most organizations are facing the harsh reality that new communication methods beyond email - SharePoint, Slack, Skype... Read More

Key Issues for E-Discovery and Legal Compliance: An Osterman Research Survey

Created on March 31, 2017

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While good e-discovery capabilities have always been important, they are becoming more so because of the increasing volume of ESI that organizations possess, changing legal requirements to preserve information, and the increasing level of risk that can result from a failure to retain and produce information adequately. This white paper, presented by Osterman Research and Exterro, gives an overview of key e-discovery issues, as well as results from an in-depth survey of decision makers and influencers at mid-sized and large organizations, primarily in North America. In it you will find... Read More

Be a Jetson, Not a Flintstone: 7 Tips for Social, Mobile, & Cloud in E-Discovery

Created on February 24, 2017

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We’re all used to how quickly technology changes these days – one moment something is all the rage (remember Pokemon Go?) and within months, it’s ancient history. Those platforms that do stand the test of time become so ubiquitous (nowadays, Facebook is your grandma’s social media) it’s hard to remember life before they existed. In the legal world, lawyers tend to be slow adapters when it comes to technology, but with the influx of new data types and growing data volumes, your team needs to be more Jetson and less Flintstone when it comes to e-discovery. This year at... Read More