Proposed Spoliation Rules Would Impact Apple-Samsung Trial and More E-Discovery News of the Week

Created on August 6, 2012

Law Technology News: Henry Kelston, Senior Counsel at Milberg, examines potential e-discovery rules amendments in the context of the multibillion dollar patent war between Apple and Samsung  here.

e-Discovery Team: Read the sixth in attorney Ralph Losey's series of narrative descriptions of a search of 699,082 Enron emails to find evidence concerning involuntary employee terminations here.

Inside Counsel: Reporter Alex Vorro offers five suggestions for organizations seeking to create their own in-house e-discovery teams here.

eDiscovery Journal: Analyst Greg Buckles shares highlights from the second annual Carmel Valley eDiscovery Retreat (CVEDR) here.

Ball in Your Court: Attorney Craig Ball lends his expert perspective to the topic of implementing technology-assisted review tools here.

The eDiscovery Paradigm Shift: Gene Petty, General Counsel for eDiscovery Solutions Group, examines the issue of professionalism and e-discovery here.