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I’ve Made a Huge Mistake: Intentional Destruction of ESI is No Illusion

Created on May 24, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

In season three of the series Arrested Development, episode 11 finds George Bluth, Sr. unsurprisingly using a giant electromagnet in an attempt to delete electronic computer files, which could potentially indict him for “light treason." His son, Michael, stops him, showing a clear awareness of the then recent 2006 addition to the FRCP which required the production of electronic information during discovery. As often is the case with Michael, it was right thing to do, and not only because deleting evidence is never a good... Read More

The Taskatron: It Slices and Dices, but will it Optimize Your Legal Process?

Created on May 23, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

We all know what a time saver technology can be. But sometimes, the very thing that's supposed to make our lives easier ends up creating more work than the original task at hand. Often times, Project Management tools can feel that way. That was the idea behind this week's Exterro cartoon. Artist Luke Rolka elaborates: “There are a lot of project management products out there, many of which are powerful, but they're also one-size-fits-all. This means that your ideal workflow might end up being cobbled together, made possible only by employing features and... Read More

Friday Funnies: Exterro's E-Discovery Meme Series (Evil Stored Information Edition)

Created on May 19, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

This week's E-Discovery Meme from Exterro reminds us that making your ESI hard to find is "Evil." I mean come on...throw me a frickin' bone here. And remember, a sense of humor does wonders for your e-discovery process! Visit our entire catalog of E-Discovery Memes and Cartoons, and feel free to share the fun with friends and colleagues to celebrate another successful week! Cheers! Read More

Exterro in the Spotlight: 2016 Innovation Award Winner

Created on May 16, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

Exterro was founded with the simple vision that applying the concepts of process optimization and data science to how companies manage digital information and respond to litigation would drive more successful outcomes at a lower cost, and our software solutions help some of the world's largest organizations work smarter and more efficiently. This is just what we do. Day and day out. Today, that hard work has garnered recognition, as Exterro is pleased to announce that they are a recipient of a 2016 Innovation Award for Best Practice Management Software for... Read More

Friday Funnies: Exterro's E-Discovery Meme Series (Happy Little Legal Holds Edition)

Created on May 13, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

This week's E-Discovery Meme from Exterro reminds us that you can change those legal hold mistakes into happy little trees if you just remember to place a legal hold. And as always, it helps to have a sense of humor along the way! Visit our entire catalog of E-Discovery Memes and Cartoons, and feel free to share the fun with friends and colleagues to celebrate another successful week! Cheers! Read More

What the Heck is Legal Operations Anyway: Recapping the Corporate Legal Operations Institute

Created on May 12, 2016

Solutions Consultant

When you run a search for “CLOC," and especially if you toggle over to images, you likely aren't seeing anything related to legal operations. In fact, it looks a bit more like the picture to the right. But that's all about to change. Recently, CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) achieved a significant milestone in its maturation, and I was there to see it unfold as they hosted the first Annual Corporate Legal Operations Institute in San Francisco the first week of May. It was successfully organized and delivered by the CLOC Leadership Team to fulfill the... Read More

May The Force be with You: Binding the E-Discovery Process Together

Created on May 9, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

“The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together." –Obi Wan Kenobi The idea that all things are connected is a comforting one. Some people long to be unified with other people, both loved ones and strangers. Others seek unity with the natural world--flora and fauna, water and stone. Even in our daily lives, we buttress ourselves against the unpredictabilites that are ever-present with habit and consistency, so that our waking hours flow smoothly from one to the next. More than ever, we find a need... Read More

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