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Finding A Polar Bear in a Snowstorm: E-Discovery Obstacles When Searching Through Large Volumes of Data

Created on October 6, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

In a recent survey conducted by Exterro, 39% (the largest group of respondents) said that searching through large amounts of data was the biggest obstacle they face in locating responsive data. To help legal professionals maneuver around some of these obstacles in searching for responsive data, here are some tips that will save you time, reduce headaches, and enable you to work more efficiently with the numerous teams involved in the e-discovery search process. The first step, of course, is to establish what is wrong with current search models. Right now based on... Read More

Keep Everything or Defensibly Delete – Observations from InfoGovCon 2015

Created on October 2, 2015

Chief Marketing Officer

As I write this on my flight home from the luxury of seat 21A in Economy, my laptop tipped at an awkward angle in hopes of keeping it from getting squished every time the guy in front of me reclines back, InfoGovCon2015 is just a few hours old. First, I want to commend the team from IGI for putting on a really great conference. The IGI leaders – Barclay, Bennett, Jason and Jay - aren't events people, which is a good thing, as they aren't constrained by “what we've always done." They structured it the way many of us non-events people would if we had to put on one these... Read More

The E-Discovery Revolution – The Who Part 3

Created on September 30, 2015

Solutions Consultant

If you've been following my recent blog posts, you know I have a couple of themes going. First, we are in the middle of a revolution of sorts – an e-discovery revolution. It's fun, chaotic, exhilarating, and exhausting … but we love it! Second, I am focusing on the Who, What, Where, Why and When of the revolution. This will be my final post on the “Who" as an aspect of what we are in the midst of. By now, you've hopefully begun the process of cultivating the cross-functional team relationships among Legal, IT e-discovery and IT Forensics as it relates to... Read More

5 Tips for Quickly Identifying Responsive Data Sources for E-Discovery Collections

Created on September 23, 2015

Senior Manager, Marketing Programs

Working with IT or your service provider to collect/process from a variety of data sources, like email archives, file shares, legacy backup tapes, SharePoint, etc., can be a painful and complicated ordeal. You don't need to just take my word for it, 34% in-house legal and IT professionals agreed and said “Identifying/Accessing Data Sources for Collection" was their biggest e-discovery challenge when trying to locate responsive information (source -- Exterro Survey: The Biggest Obstacles in Locating Responsive Data). There are three main reasons for... Read More

Announcing the “Locating Responsive Data” Contest Winner

Created on September 22, 2015

Senior Manager, Marketing Programs

We ran a survey in this summer to identify the biggest obstacles faced by in-house legal and IT professionals when trying to locate responsive data for e-discovery. As many of you already know, “searching through large volumes of data" was the number one obstacle according to the 208 in-house participants. Each person who participated in this survey was automatically entered to win a $400 gift card on American Airlines (who also happens to be an Exterro client). Last week we randomly picked the winner and the winner was…Casey Burgess, Senior... Read More

E-Discovery Day Webcasts Hosted by Exterro

Created on September 18, 2015

Senior Manager, Marketing Programs

We at Exterro are excited to announce that we will be hosting 4 educational CLE-apporoved webcasts on E-Discovery Day (December 1). A full list of the webcasts that Exterro will be hosting are included below. We're actively adding speakers to the webcasts so be sure to check back at or for updates. For now, please sign-up and reserve your spot in any or all of the CLE webcasts below! 2015 E-Discovery Case Law: Sanction Cases You Need to Know Date: December 1, 2015 at 8:30am PT CLE Credit: 1 hour... Read More

E-Discovery Day is Coming...(December 1)

Created on September 17, 2015

Chief Marketing Officer

Quick question: how many of you reading this knew that today, September 17, is National Play-Doh Day? Or that it is also National Cinnamon Raison Bread Day? Well, according to The National Day Calendar these are both true and there are four other celebrations we all should be having as well. Admittedly I found the website in about three seconds after Googling “national day" and have done no other research, so I can't vouch for its accuracy, but I think it can help support a point I'd like to make. In today's digital world, e-discovery not only impacts legal risk... Read More

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