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E-Discovery Education Cannot Stand Still

Created on March 18, 2015

Communications Director

Last week, I had the opportunity to review portfolios for public relations students getting ready to graduate from University of Oregon, my alma mater. The talent, poise and creativity presented by these students was amazing. What caught my attention the most, however, is how the fundamentals drilled into me years ago around AP Style, reporting a story and focusing on facts are so different now in the age of blogs and social media. It used to be a standard requirement for all Journalism majors to take Reporting 101, grammar and media law classes. Reporting 101 is now no longer required,... Read More

Information Governance and the Converging Roles of the GC & CIO

Created on March 17, 2015

Demand Generation & Partner Marketing Manager

Even more than e-discovery, information governance (IG) requires a systematic and strategic relationship between a company's IT and legal departments. This collaboration starts from the top, with the CIO and GC serving as two of the most important players in getting a successful IG program off the ground. However, dealing with IG may require these executives to move out of their comfort zones. I recently sat down with e-discovery and IG consultant Joseph Mendel, a Senior Manager at Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP, to discuss how organizations can align IT and legal... Read More

E-Discovery Decision Makers Provide a ‘No Filter’ View On Vendors

Created on March 11, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

What do e-discovery decision makers really think about the current vendor market? That question was at the heart of a recent survey conducted by lawyer and legal analyst Ari Kaplan. He reached out to 29 professionals responsible for e-discovery decision making at their respective companies and law firms to get candid impressions of 15 leading e-discovery vendors, including Exterro. Without naming names, Kaplan recently shared some of the survey findings in ALM's LegalTech Newsletter. Here are some highlights that caught our eye: High Levels of... Read More

Federal Judges Sound Off on E-Discovery Competency, Communication Issues and Lack of Cooperation

Created on March 9, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

When the Exterro team decided to pursue a federal judges survey on e-discovery issues, we were initially a little surprised that no one had actually done one before. Given the number of surveys that pervade our industry you'd think the judges, inarguably the most important voice of e-discovery reason, would be called upon for input. There's a first time for everything, and we at Exterro are extremely proud and pleased with the positive feedback the survey has received in shedding light on important issues (be sure to read a great commentary on the survey findings from... Read More

Commentary: A Notable Surprise in the Federal Judges Survey on E-Discovery

Created on March 5, 2015

E-Discovery Counsel

Judges with expertise in e-discovery seem particularly generous about sharing their observations and wisdom with the rest of us. The fact that almost a third of them serve as Adjuncts demonstrates a propensity for teaching in this group. I was particularly impressed that so many of them were willing to participate in the recent Federal Judges Survey onE-Discovery Best Practices and Trends. The survey conveys a message which is consistent with those we've heard from many of these judges at the various events we all attend: 1. Learn to cooperate; 2. Develop technical... Read More

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