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Allstate AGC on Managing E-Discovery In a Corporate Environment

Created on April 20, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

In house attorneys and legal directors for large corporations have many responsibilities, including overseeing e-discovery activities. Our recent Federal Judges Survey on E-Discovery Best Practices & Trends revealed that many legal professionals need significant improvement in this area. Several judges said that attorneys who lack e-discovery experience should make it a priority to learn from those who do. One such expert in the field of e-discovery is Exterro client Steve Ihm, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Allstate (I encourage you to read a... Read More

Reducing the Cost of Privilege Review in E-Discovery

Created on April 16, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

Pop quiz: what is Federal Rule of Evidence (FRE) 502(d)? Don't worry if you don't know the answer. You aren't alone. On our recent webcast, “ 3 Ways to Create More Favorable Case Outcomes with E-Discovery Principles," we asked attendees about FRE 502(d) and 32 percent of the respondents said they didn't even know what it was. A majority of those attendees were attorneys. For the record, FRE 502(d) allows parties to enter agreements during discovery to ensure that if privileged information is unintentionally revealed during e-discovery, it cannot be used against... Read More

What New Email Behavior Study Can Teach Us about the Future of E-Discovery and Information Governance

Created on April 14, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

The typical email inbox is random hodgepodge of new messages, replies, spam, forwarded messages and auto replies. Guessing what message will appear next at the top of the unread list is basically a crapshoot. Our email distribution patterns tend to be as equally random. Most of us have no idea at the beginning of the work day what emails we will end up sending or to whom. We've grown largely accustom to the reactive nature of email, so much so that we can't really imagine working or living without it. It turns out our email behavior may be a bit less random and... Read More

What's Your Biggest E-Discovery Challenge?

Created on April 9, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

Everyone has e-discovery challenges. Whether it's tracking legal holds, juggling multiple projects at once or trying to identify and locate potentially responsive information, there are plenty of things in e-discovery to be frustrated about. Now is your opportunity to vent a little bit! Exterro wants you to share with us your biggest e-discovery challenge. And we're even giving you some incentive to do so - in the form of a brand new Apple Watch (you might have heard they are hitting the market later this month) from one lucky respondent. We will be collecting responses... Read More

Leveraging Technology to Solve the Defensible Deletion Problem

Created on April 8, 2015

Chief Marketing Officer

I recently read an interesting Q&A with Barclay Blair, founder and executive director at the Information Governance Initiative, on TechTarget called Governance and analytics reduce big data risk, boost information value. Barclay argues the biggest big data risk is not being able to extract insight and value from your data, and at one level, I agree with him. There's no question that huge advancements have been and continue to be made in technology that is able to comb through vast amounts of data and utilize predictive and prescriptive modelling to provide insight where none was... Read More

How Attorneys Can Step Up to the E-Discovery Plate

Created on April 2, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

Most corporate attorneys are somewhat removed from the day-to-day e-discovery grind. For instance, attorneys usually aren't in charge of issuing and tracking legal holds or managing a document collection. Those duties typically falls on a paralegal or litigation support professional. Just because attorneys aren't always on the hands-on “frontlines," the critical nature of their e-discovery responsibilities is just as important and encompasses: Supervising all aspects of the e-discovery process Establishing litigation plans and e-discovery readiness... Read More

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