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Friday Funnies! Exterro's E-Discovery Meme Series (E-Discovery Day is Over Edition)

Created on December 2, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

                      This week's E-Discovery Meme from Exterro reminds us that while we're all sad that E-Discovery Day over, we can look back on the memories fondly until next year's festivities bring us joy again. Visit our entire catalog of E-Discovery Memes and Cartoons, and feel free to share the fun with friends and colleagues to celebrate another successful week! And remember that E-Discovery is always better when you have a sense of humor. Cheers! Read More

Well That Was Fun... An E-Discovery Day Reflection

Created on December 2, 2016

Chief Marketing Officer

I walked into our office this morning to the sight of deflated balloons and the remnants of Exterro’s celebratory E-Discovery Day cake in our kitchen area. But while visually a bit dispiriting, I’m choosing to bask in the afterglow of a fantastic day yesterday. From its inception, E-Discovery Day has always been about recognizing the efforts of everyone involved in this profession. We originally billed it as a day to celebrate the growing and vital role E-Discovery plays in the legal process, and envisioned it as a vendor-neutral, industry wide event. In 2015 the events mostly took... Read More

Happy E-Discovery Day from Exterro!

Created on December 1, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

Join us today for a full schedule of webcasts and celebrating all things e-discovery! Go to for everything you need! Here are a few things some people are already saying:                              "It’s exciting to see what kind of technology companies are embracing. The e-discovery process is going through a radical change, and it’s an exciting time as companies are trying to stay ahead." Robert Cruz "E-Discovery is not always the most glamorous work in litigation, but it's really important and equally as challenging as other areas of... Read More

E-Discovery Day Webcasts are a Cornucopia of Thought Leadership

Created on November 30, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

E-Discovery Day is a week away and the excitement is building! On December 1, 2016, thousands of Legal and IT professionals will gather both online and off to discuss e-discovery. They will be met with a full day worth of informative webcasts, in-person networking events and more—all hosted by E-Discovery Day sponsors. Here are a few highlights: Mainstream News & E-Discovery: What You Should Be Watching Out For in 2017 (Presented by Actiance and Exterro) TIME 11:15 AM ET / 8:15 AM PT Speakers: Craig Ball, Attorney and E-Discovery Blogger; Robert A. Cruz, Senior Director of... Read More

Guest Blogger Craig Ball Hints at What is to Come in His Upcoming E-Discovery Day Webcast, "Mainstream News and E-Discovery"

Created on November 29, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

*Editor's Note: Today's guest blogger is Craig Ball, a trial lawyer, computer forensic examiner, law professor, and noted authority on electronic evidence. Read more of Craig's work at his blog Ball in Your Court. As I stow the turkey platter and box up the pilgrim décor, I’m reminded that it’s time once more to celebrate E-Discovery Day on Thursday, December 1.  No doubt, you’re saying, “So SOON?!?!  I still haven’t retrieved those E-Discovery Day 2015 balloons that got loose in the atrium, and who’s going to eat all that E-Discovery Day Kringle taking up space in the... Read More

The Light that Shone One Dim Winter Afternoon: The Story of the First E-Discovery Day Celebration

Created on November 28, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

E-Discovery Day is just around the corner, and people are already gearing up for a great lineup of webcasts with speakers from across the industry, as well as live events in various cities across the US. December 1st is the day we all come together—Attorneys, Paralegals, Lit Support and IT personnel, 3rd Party Vendors, Consultants, and Bloggers—to celebrate e-discovery. But why? What is the story behind this celebration? No one is really sure at this point, but the story goes that years ago, an in-house legal team at a large Midwestern corporation--maybe it was a manufacturer, or a... Read More

What if your E-Discovery Process was Like Thanksgiving Dinner?

Created on November 22, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

The buzz around the office this week has been about turkey, dressing, and all the fixings (and of course the days of leftovers that follow!). But the key to Thanksgiving Dinner isn’t in the consumption but in the preparation. It can mean the difference between dealing with hangry family members complaining while the smoke alarm goes off and the picture of perfect harmony around the table. So what if your e-discovery process was like Thanksgiving Dinner? What would yours look like? Some of the main challenges that e-discovery practitioners face aren’t really all that different from... Read More