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An Expert’s Take on Solving the FOIA/Public Records Problem

Created on May 27, 2015

Senior Manager, Marketing Programs

If you've been paying attention to the national headlines government agencies have come under heightened scrutiny by the public and media for not adequately responding to public records requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). I recently had the chance to talk with Chris Knox, Leader of the Government Discovery Sector at Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics, LLC. Chris has over 18 years of experience in program management delivering litigation support services to the Federal Government. In the interview below we discuss the major challenges faced by government... Read More

Solving the eDiscovery Puzzle with Project Management

Created on May 26, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

When you consider all the people, resources, timelines and obstacles at play, eDiscovery projects can feel a bit like an unassembled jigsaw puzzle with pieces strewn across a table. Like completing a puzzle, eDiscovery projects can only succeed if there is a strategy guiding the process. The eDiscovery manager leads this effort. He or she may not connect all the pieces themselves, but will ensure that mistakes are mitigated and that the work is done as efficiently as possible. Occasionally, lawyers will serve the eDiscovery manager function, but more often than not it's someone... Read More

Some Thoughts on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software 2015

Created on May 20, 2015

Chief Marketing Officer

The analyst firm Gartner published their annual Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software 2015 on May 18, and I'm beyond pleased to share that Exterro has been named a leader for the third year in a row. They publish this report every year “to help IT, legal and compliance leaders pick the right [vendor] for their needs" so being named a leader is a big deal for our company. But beyond the marketing value of receiving such recognition from a respected, independent firm, I think there are other benefits as well which could translate to your own business. I suspect that many of... Read More

Big Data by the Numbers and the Need for Information Governance

Created on May 18, 2015

Chief Marketing Officer

I've been having a lot of conversations lately about digital data. Specifically, the amount and rate at which it is being created, and also the cost of storing all of it. One thing I've noticed from all these discussions is that it is pretty easy to talk in generalities and get agreement on my main points. For example, I'll typically say something to the effect of, “the rate at which we are creating digital content is astounding – some have posited that it is doubling every two years. Furthermore, while the cost of storage is decreasing, it is decreasing at a lower rate than the... Read More

E-Discovery Advice from a Litigation Support Guru

Created on May 18, 2015

Senior Manager, Marketing Programs

Over the next couple months, Exterro is partnering with the popular litigation support blog, Litigation Support Guru, to bring you new tips and advice for managing e-discovery projects. Amy Bowser-Rollins, a 'litigation support enthusiast,' manages and writes the Litigation Support Guru, providing best practices for nurturing and mentoring less experienced litigation support professionals in advancing their litigation support and e-discovery careers. To help kickoff the new partnership, I had a chance to speak with Amy about her blog and some of the challenges that impact... Read More

A Primer on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Obtaining Government ESI

Created on May 13, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

Corporations struggling under the weight of mountains of electronic data and rapid fire e-discovery requests may find solace in the fact that they don't have it nearly as bad as many government agencies. That's thanks to law known as the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA for short, which, according to the government's website, is a “law that keeps citizens in the know about their government" by granting people access to government records. As an e-discovery software vendor, FOIA wasn't really on our radar until we encountered a handful of governmental agencies who said it was... Read More

The Results Are In! Find Out the Biggest E-Discovery Challenge Facing In-House Legal and IT Professionals

Created on May 11, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

Throughout the month of April, Exterro ran a survey asking in-house legal and IT professionals to tell us their biggest e-discovery challenge and why. We received nearly 150 responses to the survey, along with many insightful comments. Results of the survey and best practices for overcoming some of the common challenges identified by respondents were shared on a recent Exterro webcast, “Practical Advice for your Biggest E-Discovery Challenges" (now available for complimentary on-demand viewing). We also created an infographic, which highlights results of the survey broken down by... Read More

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