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Annual Law Department Operations Survey Asks the Tough Question: Are Law Departments Failing to Innovate?

Created on November 23, 2015

Chief Marketing Officer

“ Our processes and technologies that have worked well enough for us in the past are the very things that stand in the way of adopting any profoundly new technologies or truly disruptive approaches…. …Law departments are failing to innovate in game-changing ways, and that is making us our own worst enemy." These are the words of David Cambria, Global Director of Operations – Law, Compliance and Government Relations, Archer Daniels Midland Co. and Chair of Law Department Operations (LDO) Survey Board of Advisors. They appear in... Read More

Cracks in your Legal Foundation? - 3 Reasons Why Every Legal Professional Should Participate in E-Discovery Day

Created on November 20, 2015

Senior Manager, Marketing Programs

E-Discovery Day (December 1) is coming up fast! Since you are reading this blog post, you're most likely someone who has an interest in e-discovery, because your job requires you to do so. So congratulations on being ahead of the legal masses and keeping up to date with the one legal topic which has the single greatest impact on how much you're spending on litigation and compliance activities. (Some may argue that their outside law firm bill is the biggest legal expense, but that expense is often reflective of sending way too many unresponsive documents for attorney... Read More

Learning to Play the Game Right: Taking on E-Discovery with an Action Plan

Created on November 18, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

Rick Dempsey, World Series MVP for the 1983 Baltimore Orioles once said, “You have to play this game right. You've got to go on doing the things you've talked about and agreed about beforehand. You've got to concentrate on each play, each hitter, each pitch. All this makes the game much clearer. It breaks it down to its smallest part. If you take the game like that, the next thing you know, you look up and you've won." This approach to success, in my opinion, applies to pretty much any major undertaking. You've heard it echoed in any number of situations: a long... Read More

E-Discovery: From the Manual Process to the WOW! (Guest Blogger, Tara Jones)

Created on November 13, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

*Guest Blogger Tara Jones, Lead Paralegal, E-Discovery & Consumer Litigation, AOL Corporate Legal* While it may sound a bit dramatic, trust that the manner in which one handles its Legal Hold Process can make or break the company. I know, I know…the Legal Holds Process may not be the sexiest topic to choose to blog about, but it happens to be a subject that I have an extensive amount of experience with. I have had the pleasure (or not) of living in the midst of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to our Legal Hold Process. Many years ago, I was... Read More

Principles, Proportionality, Reasonableness, and Revolution: E-Discovery and the Sedona Conference

Created on November 10, 2015

E-Discovery Counsel

The recent Sedona Working Group 1 meeting in Orlando demonstrated many of the strengths and some of the weaknesses of the Sedona Conference. Whether due to an overabundance of industry conferences at this time of year, the subject matter of a working group event, or everyone being busy with their day jobs, attendance was down at this session. Still, most of those who had planned to attend did make a showing, providing a lively conversation in each of the sessions. One of the great Sedona strengths I see in event after event is a large pool of experienced and talented... Read More

It’s Not Just Email Anymore: Social Communications and E-Discovery (Guest Blogger, Bill Tolson)

Created on November 6, 2015

Content Marketing Manager

*Guest Blogger Bill Tolson, Director of Product Marketing at Actiance Today's corporate communications landscape is ever-changing and increasingly complex. Email may still be the most commonly requested form of communication when it comes to eDiscovery, but as organizations adopt emerging communications technologies to speed up collaboration and enhance productivity, they are unknowingly complicating their litigation profile. New business-related content is being produced in the form of social media posts, enterprise collaboration applications, instant... Read More

The E-Discovery Revolution – The What, part 1

Created on November 2, 2015

Solutions Consultant

If you've been following my posts, you already know that I've chosen to focus this blog series on the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of the E-Discovery revolution. Over the past several months, the first three entries on “The Who" (part 1,part 2, part 3) have been completed. Now it's time to move onto “The What." In my roles as an implementation project manager on Exterro's client success team, and now as a member of the solutions consulting team, I've been involved in a lot of conversations regarding what we are we looking for in E-Discovery. Using FRCP Rule... Read More

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