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When the Jet has been Traded for a Bus: Top 5 Biggest Challenges in Managing E-Discovery Activities

Created on May 2, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

In the 1989 movie, Major League, the rag tag (fictionalized) Cleveland Indians are set up to fail by their owner, who wants to lower attendance so she can move the team to Florida. When the losses aren't piling up fast enough, she begins to deprive them of resources: a hot tub is replaced with a galvanized steel stock tank and an outboard boat motor; travel is reduced to a prop driven DC-4, and then further down to a vintage bus. Of course, the heroes overcome all these obstacles to win the pennant, but for those of us working in E-Discovery, resource deprivation is... Read More

Friday Funnies: Exterro's E-Discovery Meme Series (Project Management Edition)

Created on April 29, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

This week's E-Discovery Meme from Exterro reminds us that sometimes even those of us who work in the technology field forgot that technology can create efficiencies in ways we may not be thinking about. It also helps to have a sense of humor along the way! Visit our entire catalog of E-Discovery Memes and Cartoons, and feel free to share the fun with friends and colleagues to celebrate another successful week! Cheers! Read More

If Not Now, When: Process Optimization Principles Come to Legal

Created on April 27, 2016

Chief Marketing Officer

I spent the first part of last week at the ACEDS annual conference in New York City and came away with two primary thoughts. First, I have to admit, the conference far exceeded my expectations. Mary Mack and her team put together a great event – really strong sessions, professionally produced, and an educated, lively audience. I'll definitely be returning next year. But the other thing that surprised me was the general feeling that we in E-Discovery are much lower on the project management maturity model scale than I had previously thought. For those of you... Read More

Everything but the Kitchen Sink: New Data Types and E-Discovery

Created on April 26, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

Almost any activity we take part in creates data; it no longer resides just on email servers or your laptop or mobile phones. Data resides in the cloud, in apps, on social media, in your watch or fitness tracker. For e-discovery practitioners, preserving and collecting these new data types can be a continual challenge—as soon as you find a solution for one some new thing pops up. That was the idea behind this week's e-discovery cartoon, drawn by Luke Rolka, Creative Director at Exterro. Potted plants don't create data (yet!) but 15 years ago, neither did cars... Read More

Friday Funnies!: Exterro's E-Discovery Meme and Original Cartoon Series (Earth Day Edition)

Created on April 22, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

On Earth Day, we make a point to remember to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We should take that idea and carry it over to the world of e-discovery, where waste and (data) pollution runs rampant. This week's E-Discovery Meme from Exterro reminds us to support efforts to reduce collection volumes and manual tasks, reuse workflows, templates and reports that support efficiency and defensibility, and recycle previously collected data and work product from prior matters. And remember to have a sense of humor along the way (it always helps!) Visit our entire... Read More

Good Ol’ Tin Lizzie: Optimization of the E-Discovery Process

Created on April 19, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

Early December must have been a good season for Henry Ford: on December 1st, 1913, the world's first moving automotive assembly line started rolling at his Hyland Park factory, and just two years later on December 10th, 1915, the 1 millionth car rolled off that same line. As we all know, Ford's manufacturing innovation was revolutionary. He broke down the Model T's assembly into 84 discrete steps and trained workers to do a single step with the highest level of skill and efficiency. By integrating the process of building automobiles, he reduced the manufacturing time... Read More

Need to Get Your E-Discovery Act Together?: Name Your Project Management Challenges and Lunch is on Us

Created on April 18, 2016

Content Marketing Manager

Between huge data sets across multiple platforms, custodian lists, and interdepartmental communication, project management is one of the biggest challenges for legal teams. For any project – e-discovery or otherwise – there needs to be organization, accountability, and clear expectations, which can be hard to achieve when projects span multiple departments, each with its own distinct perspective and work culture. This is why project management technology is often a key for a successful outcome. Tara Jones, Lead Paralegal-E-Discovery AOL, Inc., says, “The best... Read More

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