Exterro, Inc.

Exterro is the fastest-growing independent legal project management software company in the world. We combine everything corporations and legal firms need for managing legal holds, e-discovery project management, information governance, and mitigating risks into an integrated suite. Our mission is to deliver value for businesses by providing innovative, user-friendly legal software solutions.

Exterro was founded with the vision that legal processes could be improved using tools that have been successfully applied in other business disciplines. By filling the capability gaps and investing in research and development, Exterro has built the industry’s foremost end-to-end platform for corporations and their outside counsel to holistically manage legal governance, risk and compliance processes. Ongoing discussions with legal and software industry experts and clients drive us to innovate to meet evolving legal process requirements. Today, Exterro is essential in ensuring faster, smarter, litigation response to e-discovery and regulatory compliance requests.

Our Vision

Innovation: Exterro looks at problems from new perspectives and incorporates best practices from disparate sources. Concepts and processes are constantly being scrutinized and re-examined using input from clients and industry experts to come up with better, faster and more efficient solutions. Through constant software and process innovation and refinement, Exterro remains the leading provider of robust legal software solutions.

Accessibility: Exterro is exceptionally accessible to its clients and partners, who are encouraged to provide creative feedback — ensuring a constant influx of fresh, new perspectives and ideas. Leveraging round-table discussions, on-site client meetings, learning seminars and working groups, Exterro is able to direct its research and development to address unmet needs in the legal industry.

Adaptability: In Exterro’s agile work atmosphere, new concepts move quickly from idea to reality, keeping pace with the ever-changing legal industry. Exterro’s uniquely flexible legal software solutions adapt to multilayered business environments and integrate seamlessly into disparate technology frameworks.

Community: Exterro believes in fostering a sense of community within its offices’ walls as well as in the greater global neighborhood. Exterro provides its employees with the ability to leverage their skills in fresh ways, and to take ownership over their jobs, their communities, and their roles as responsible, innovative, creative individuals.